A CHEMICAL INJECTION PACKAGE is an integrated system used to dose and inject various chemicals into different pipelines at various conditions. It is basically composed by different components:

1.TANK : either circular or rectangular can be manufactured according to ASME or  Roark & Young standards. Blanketing system is often used to pressurize the tank with Nitrogen.

2. PUMPS: dosing pumps are used to inject the chemicals into the pipelines at various pressures. The flowrate is adjustable during the normal working time of the pumps either manually or automatically. Manufactured according to API 675 standards are suitable to work in the hardest environment.

3. SAFETY VALVES: used to protect the system from overpressures the valves are designed according to API 520 and API 526 .

4. INSTRUMENTS:used to measure and control the various parameters are often divided into Level instruments, Pressure instruments  and flow instruments. Local indication as well remote indication (via SCADA, HART protocol) is available.

5. PIPING: designed and manufactured according the client piping classes are used to collect the differentitems which composed the systems. Interconnecting piping are the link between tank and pumps and between pumps and flange end tie in points.

6. STRUCTURAL: all the components are installed on  structures (baseplates , rack and sunshades) designed to resist to water, seismic loads, winds, sun and chemical environments

7. ELECTRICAL: the electrical components are wired into local junction boxes or local control stations.

ASCO design and manufacture the package according to the customer specifications and ensure the respect of local regulations.





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